HUMA - Institute for Humanities in Africa at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in collaboration with LASPAD – Le Laboratoire d’analyse des sociétés et pouvoirs / Afrique-Diasporas at Gaston Berger University in St. Louis, Senegal invites applications for four one-year post-doctoral fellowships in African scholarly publishing and dissemination.

The four postdoctoral research fellows will work as part of a research team on the Open Society Foundation funded project entitled “Strengthening African Academic Publishing and Dissemination”. The objective of this continent wide study is to critically assess the state of scholarly publishing and dissemination in Africa, with a particular focus on identifying the kinds of interventions that need to be carried out to strengthen Africa’s scholarly publishing and knowledge dissemination infrastructure. Specifically, the project seeks to understand how the knowledge economy and industry is positioning itself with respect to AI and rapid global innovations and technological advances in scholarly publishing and dissemination such as digitization, open access, open science, research for development, PoD, Plan S, amongst others.

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HUMA Postdoctoral Research Fellow (English)

HUMA Postdoctoral Research Fellow (French)